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Teach X is launching its first pilot cohort of teachers that will get access to a diverse community of professionals from tech and creative industries to support teachers like you in class. So be the first...

About Teach X

Teach X connects experts to schools to help them solves real world problems and creates safespaces.

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Do School Differently  

This School Year, LEAAD your students through an engaging project with local professionals that targets key standards, critical thinking skills and builds a culture of curiosity for life long learners.

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With the click of a button, teachers get help grading papers, planning field trips, developing projects and creating positive classroom environments.

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Partner more efficiently

We streamline partnerships with professionals and teachers that increases the success of your students.


Save Countless Hours

Spend your time focusing what matters most. Teaching.


Transform student learning experience

Watch as the learning experience for students becomes more practical and engaging. Provide students with real world takeaways, mentors, speakers and an interactive approach to learning the skills that will help them excel in the real world.


Here's How It Works

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Helper's AR Training App

We screen and train our Helpers using innovative technology to host interactive video content and volunteer education.

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