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Teach X is a mobile application designed to empower students aged 8 to 16 with creative skills through bite-sized micro-learning classes.Teach X provides a marketplace for in-school, after school and beyond school creative learning experiences through our network of skilled creative experts. Our goal is to fill the talent gap with skilled creative young people who can monetize their creative work and earn higher wages

Why We Do It

  • The future of work and learning requires that the next generation must be equipped to be lifelong learners in order for them  to be prepared to solve problems and work in the future. Students need space to learn what they want, when they want  and where they want to learn it. However, our current educational framework boxes them into traditional instructional frameworks in schools without much space to personalize their learning and learn from the world around them. 
Dream Lab/Teach X Popup- Students learning to design shoes 2022

For students of color and underserved students, this can mean less future earning potential and economic opportunity because they don’t have access to more personalized learning experiences to prepare them for the future. This missed opportunity has created what the World Economic Forum calls “ a skills gap” that leaves less skilled and in-demand talent pools and is projected by 2030 to cost over $8.5 trillion in economic revenue. So this is why Teach X creates the space, tools and community for students to learn from the world and experts around them to prepare them for the future and how to get “the bag” in the process. The future of work will require highly skilled and diverse talent. We are building for the future today with our young leaders of tomorrow. 

Who We Do It For

While we serve ALL youth, from ALL backgrounds, we work to deeply tilt the scales of power and economic mobility for talented, yet divested Black youth, who have been historically targeted and  blocked from systems and institutions of economic power. These youth are not only from households with lower-income, because of a lack of institutional investment, but are also depleted of human and social capital which makes rising out of poverty even harder without a support network. That is why we create space, beyond their zip codes and de-facto segregated schools for our youth to connect and build with each other so they can win in a system not designed for them win in. 

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