Genius popups are dynamic, micro-skill development workshops for youth 8-16 to learn transferable skills for in-demand creative careers from industry experts. Popups vary from film design, audio production, fashion design, graphic design, animation, coding, game design and so much more. Through our platform, students acquire the needed expertise, experiences and ecosystem to be successful in college and career.


The future of work will require creative problem solving skills and critical thinkers with 21st century skills. The next generation of leaders need real-world opportunities to learn new skills to not only be prepared for the future but to be apart of thriving communities. But our students lack the critical opportunities to connect with real-world, skill-building opportunities and industry experts that will help them develop the needed problem solving and 21st century career skills they need to thrive. 

That is where our village is needed in this sweet spot of experiences, exposure and ecosystem. We already have everything we need to make sure we don’t have any gaps or anyone left behind as new technologies emerge and new careers. So now its time for us to disrupt the status quo. 


Welcome to TeachX, where we are on a mission to disrupt inequity through innovative learning experiences, exposure and an ecosystem of experts and supporters. At GoTeachX, we firmly believe in the untapped genius potential within every student. That’s why we’ve created a revolutionary platform that brings together these budding geniuses and a village of experts, fostering an environment where their brilliance can truly shine.


How We Disrupt?

  • Genius Popups: Nurturing Potential

    Our Genius Popups are not just events; they are transformative experiences designed to connect students with a network of experts who can ignite their genius. We understand that true potential often lies dormant without the right support and opportunities. That’s why our Genius Popups serve as a catalyst for change, creating a space where students can meet mentors, educators, and professionals who are passionate about unlocking their genius.

  • Village Payment System: Empowering Communities

    At the core of GoTeachX is our unique Village Payment system. We believe that empowering students requires the collective effort of an entire village. Through this system, we provide opportunities for the community to invest in our students’ futures. By contributing to the Village Payment, individuals and organizations alike become champions for these young minds, opening doors to a world of possibilities.

  • Pouring into Potential: Unleashing Tomorrow’s Leaders

    GoTeachX is not just about education; it’s about creating a movement that transcends traditional boundaries. Our Village Payment system ensures that the entire village plays an active role in shaping the future. Every contribution becomes a stepping stone for students to access the next generation of careers, particularly in STEM fields.

  • Join the Movement

    Be a part of the disruption. Join GoTeachX in our mission to unlock the genius potential in every student. Together, let’s build a community that champions education, innovation, and equity. Download the Teach X app and become a catalyst for change. The future of our students, our villages, and the world depends on it



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